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Here you find some information about the ontology (properties and objects) used in this Wikibase, and that can be useful for your activity of editing or adding new information.

Information provided by the LCA Project

Here is a list of data that must not be changed:

While the following is a list of information that you should check and, if necessary, edit (see how to edit existing statements)

Property Type of object
[gender] [male] or [female]
[date of birth] valid date
[date of death] valid date
[family name] string
[given name] string
[noble title] string
[described by source] string
[religious order] [List of religious orders]
[main residence] string
[notes] string
[von] string
[srjr] string
[place of birth] string
[place of death] string
[VIAF ID] identifier
[K ID] identifier
[Wikidata ID] identifier

Information not provided by the LCA Project

Here is a list of information not provided by the LCA Project that you are encouraged to add (see how to add new statements).

Property Type of object
[instance of] keyword 1, keyword 2, keyword 3 or tags
[keywords 1] List of keywords 1
[keywords 2] List of keywords 2
[keywords 3] List of keywords 3
[tags] List of tags
[profession] string
[studies] string
[institutional affiliations] item (an institution)
[memberships] item (an institution)
[collaborations] item (an institution)
[frequency of correspondence] Controlled vocabulary
[date of first correspondence] valid date
[date of last correspondence] valid date
[main place of correspondence] string
[place of first personal acquaintance] string
[main printed sources] string